Trends This Week - Is an “Economic 9/11″ Upon Us

November 29, 2018

Global trends forecaster Gerald Celente explains why a series of merging socio-economic dynamics are spelling out a global financial meltdown. And he addresses what could delay it, but not ultimately stop it. Read the Trends Journal ( and learn more. 


Trends This Week - No Punches

November 14, 2018

Gerald Celente pulls no punches and calls New York state's deal giving billions to Amazon fascism not capitalism. He also points out that during the midterms there was "not a word about war or a peep about peace."  He details the latest Trends Alert warning of an "Economic 9/11" and to prepare.


Trends This Week - These Trends Will Impact Markets no the Elections

November 9, 2018

Gerald Celente rips through the mainstream media smoke and misinformation to underscore the trends that will most significantly affect markets and geopolitics following the midterm elections.


Trends This Week - Not an Ounce of Boogie

October 31, 2018

How low can it go on? The leaders who led us into a global cesspool, suffer the wrath of global forecaster Gerald Celente in this edition of Trends This Week. They don't only lead us into war, they can't boogie! Elsewhere, Gerald has just released his monthly Trends Journal and makes forecasts on the coming "Economic 9/11."  


Trends This Week - An “Economic 9/11″ is at your doorstep. Are you prepared?

October 26, 2018

Global trend forecaster Gerald Celente, providing insights and trend forecasts you won't get from any other source, explains why an "Economic 9/11" is ready to strike -- in fact, the first shots have already been fired. Are you prepared? 


Trends This Week - How to Read the Markets: Follow the Trends - 10.17.18

October 17, 2018

Global trend forecaster Gerald Celente, publisher of the Trends Journal (,  provides rich, trend-based insights into why equity markets in the U.S. have become so volatile and what to expect in the weeks, months ahead. He provides a global perspective that you simply won't get from any other source. 


Trends This Week - Gerald Is Back! - 10.11.18

October 11, 2018

Gerald is back with Trends This Week radio show every other week on In this episode Gerald talks about everything that has happened over the last few months and what to look for moving forward. Make sure to check out Trends Journal - Trends Research Institute



Trends This Week - Celente’s farewell show: false heroes, China’s rise and the JFK files - 10.25.17

October 25, 2017
Global forecaster Gerald Celente, in his last show,  takes listeners on a globalnomic tour of critical emerging trends: The business of America is war, the business of China is business; there's no stopping the rise of digital currencies across the globe; the cast of the Presidential Reality Show grows bigger; and a unique insight into the state of the American political system conveyed to Celente from the man who sat next to JFK when he was assassinated.

Trends This Week - Economic flash points to watch - 10.18.17

October 23, 2017

Rising interest rates are in the offing. The high-end real estate sector is in decline. China, Russia and India are buying gold. And cryptocurrency markets are on fire as the world goes cashless. What do these and other economic indicators signal: Stage 1 Recession is nearing. And Gerald Celente explains what that means.


Trends This Week - Merger of state and corporate powers in front of us - 10.11.17

October 11, 2017

Trump ratings are down, but US stocks are up, continuing an 11-month rally.  Trump is pro business, offering big breaks for the big guys. Celente forecasts a market correction of at least 10 percent, leading to a stage 1 recession. You are hearing it first on this PRN broadcast! Elsewhere, Celente says only the governments around the world are “allowed to kill.” Where’s the support for Occupy Peace?