Trends This Week - Driverless cars? Not so fast - 07.26.17

July 26, 2017
Global forecaster Gerald Celente shares details from his new Trends Monthly, including his forecast for driverless car technology and his take on how a dividing United States will affect you, your family, and your bottom line. Meanwhile, stocks continue to rise, tensions continue to heighten, and the media continues to blame Russia.

Trends This Week - The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! - 07.12.17

July 17, 2017

Facts are facts, opinions are opinions, and the mainstream media is nothing but propaganda. Mainstream news sources have only just admitted to having no proof that Russia hacked the Democratic National Convention, yet anti-Russia headlines surge once again. This time, it is Donald Trump Jr. in the spotlight for supposedly gaining harmful intel on the Clinton campaign from no other than a Russian government attorney. Fact or propaganda? Tune in to Trends this Week to find out more.


Trends This Week - War and wealth - 07.05.17

July 5, 2017

The US continues to flex its muscles and show off its weaponry in the Middle East, causing the possibility of all out war to become much more real. Meanwhile, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer as the wealth gap in the US continues to widen. The rich are also becoming more entitled, as proven by Governor Chris Christie this holiday weekend when he closed a public beach and then enjoyed it with his family. 


Trends This Week - Russia, the Middle East, and more - 06.28.17

June 28, 2017
The mainstream media admits their accusations that Russia hacked the US election are nothing but propaganda. There is no proof. Meanwhile, tensions are heating up in the Middle East as Mr. Celente discusses the ongoing trends that could lead to all out war. To learn more and to stay on top of the trends and ahead of the news, head to

Trends This Week - Trends Journal predicts upcoming economic, political and social trends - 06.21.17

June 21, 2017

Global forecaster Gerald Celente has released his 2nd Quarter Trends Journal for 2017. With topics spanning the economy, Middle East conflict, aging and so much more, the Trends Journal allows you to read History Before it Happens®. Meanwhile, as forecast, tensions are heating up in the Middle East and the repercussions could be disastrous. Learn more at


Trends This Week - US puts more pressure on Iran - 06.07.17

June 7, 2017

The United States government has made it their mission to take down Iran, the Middle East country they believe is most responsible for terrorism and turmoil. Meanwhile, Gerald Celente and the Trends Research Institute have just released their newest Trends Journal, which includes dozen of forecasts spanning topics such as investment opportunities, technology and aging.


Trends This Week - Looking ahead - 05.31.17

June 5, 2017

Despite much of the world predicting otherwise, the Trends Journal predicted rising markets, falling gold prices and economic growth, all of which the United States economy has seen since Donald Trump won the Presidential election last November. Looking ahead to the future, while the economy experiences growth, there is also an increase in civil disobedience and unrest throughout the world. What could happen if war breaks out? Tune into Trends this Week to find out.


Trends This Week - A misguided budget - 05.24.17

May 24, 2017

Tensions continue to heat up in the Middle East and conflict with Iran could result in World War III. The U.S. continues to increase military spending, putting tax dollars towards killing. Meanwhile, U.S. infrastructure continues to disintegrate as cars drive over faulty roads and bridges and trains face daily delays.


Trends This Week - Where do we go from here? - 05.17.17

May 17, 2017

The world has seen big changes in the last few months. New political parties have been elected across the world, the United States economy has reached new highs, and more civilians than "enemies" have died in an effort for "peace." What's coming next? Listen in as global forecaster Gerald Celente shares his predictions.


Trends This Week - Obama the hypocrite - 05.08.17

May 8, 2017

President Donald Trump has spent just over one hundred days in the White House. In those one hundred days, he has waged war in the Middle East and announced a tax plan that will further benefit the wealthy. Liberals everywhere are saying the same thing, "We miss Obama." Meanwhile, their beloved Barack can be found mimicking the Clintons, collecting $400,000 to give motivational speeches to the men and women on Wall Street.