Trends This Week - Celente’s farewell show: false heroes, China’s rise and the JFK files - 10.25.17

October 25, 2017
Global forecaster Gerald Celente, in his last show,  takes listeners on a globalnomic tour of critical emerging trends: The business of America is war, the business of China is business; there's no stopping the rise of digital currencies across the globe; the cast of the Presidential Reality Show grows bigger; and a unique insight into the state of the American political system conveyed to Celente from the man who sat next to JFK when he was assassinated.

Trends This Week - Economic flash points to watch - 10.18.17

October 23, 2017

Rising interest rates are in the offing. The high-end real estate sector is in decline. China, Russia and India are buying gold. And cryptocurrency markets are on fire as the world goes cashless. What do these and other economic indicators signal: Stage 1 Recession is nearing. And Gerald Celente explains what that means.


Trends This Week - Merger of state and corporate powers in front of us - 10.11.17

October 11, 2017

Trump ratings are down, but US stocks are up, continuing an 11-month rally.  Trump is pro business, offering big breaks for the big guys. Celente forecasts a market correction of at least 10 percent, leading to a stage 1 recession. You are hearing it first on this PRN broadcast! Elsewhere, Celente says only the governments around the world are “allowed to kill.” Where’s the support for Occupy Peace?   


Trends This Week - The Fish Rots from the Head Down - 10.04.17

October 5, 2017
Global trends forecaster Gerald Celente discusses: a new approach to gun control; the hypocritical treatment of the Catalonia crisis in the news; the Military “tough guy” takeover of the White House.  Mr. Celente also answers caller questions on “the rule of the people” and electric cars.

Trends This Week - Chainsaw Massacre of Trees in Historic Kingston - 09.27.17

September 27, 2017
Global trends forecaster and publisher of the Trends Journal Gerald Celente discusses the destruction of one of the most historic properties in our nation.  Beautiful trees have been chopped down with no regard for the natural landscape of the city. Celente reflects on his experience as a reflection of the lack of courage Americans display today. 

Trends This Week - 09.20.17

September 20, 2017
On this episode of Trends This Week, founder and publisher of the Trends Journal Gerald Celente discusses some of the latest trends in the new edition of the Journal.  Mr. Celente also comments on Trump’s speech at the United Nations and what this means for war with North Korea. 

Trends This Week - Where is the outrage? - 09.13.17

September 13, 2017
In this episode of Trends this Week Gerald Celente speaks on how the media has handled coverage of one of the darkest days in our country’s history; 9/11. Nowhere in the mainstream media was there mention of the tragedy or the endless wars it has created, yet many are still outraged by a few freaks in Charlottesville.  

Trends This Week - Junk News in the Media - 09.06.17

September 6, 2017
In this episode of Trends This Week, Gerald Celente discusses the prominence of junk news in the media.  Real stories fail to make the headlines, yet CNN breaks the news of Hillary Clinton’s memoir.  All while the blatant failures of the United States Military are swept under the rug.

Trends This Week - Lairs, Cowards, Freaks, and Fools-Ruining a Nation Near You! - 80.30.17

August 30, 2017

In this episode of Trends This Week, founder of the Trends Journal Gerald Celente discusses the meetings in Jackson Hole and their effect on the markets.  As tensions continue to rise in Iran, Celente looks back at how past presidents have lied our nation into war, and what to expect for the next international conflict.


Trends This Week - The Hypocrisy Continues! - 08.23.17

August 23, 2017
Founder and publisher at the Trends Journal, Gerald Celente takes on the continued hypocrisy of the mainstream media and the US government. Rallies and protests spring up throughout the nation, but no one bats an eye as the new liar-in-chief propels America into more war, while the White House is being run by generals and the Goldman Sachs gang.